Sunday, April 11, 2010


Had a horrible, horrible night that ended where me and one other aide were on the floor. Each of us had 20 or so patients apiece and a huge percentage were incontinent.

We set a goddamn record: Ten diaper changes, three of them necessitating a complete bed strip-down, in one hour and fifteen minutes. Beat that!

Plus, this:

Elderly Insane Female Patient, as we pull back her diaper to get her cleaned up: 

"Ohohohoho, cover my balls up!"

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  1. I work in a NURSING HOME and have never had that many dirty butts to change (ok, well, I have, but not with an additional 3 complete bed changes in an hour and 15 minutes). What the hell are they feeding those people, besides Colace, senna and Mirilax? At least you have this to point to when asked about your time management skills in the future!